DESTROY ALL GONDOLASDestroy All Gondolas is a power trio born in the lagoon of Venice in 2012 after the experience of Black Flag Revival, a project by artist Ryts Monet, who combined for a performative installation Andrea (formerly Gonzales) on bass, Corrado (ex-Minkions now in Indian Nightmare, Buio) on drums and Enrico (aka Wasted Pido, former Hormonas, L’Amico Martucci, John Woo) on guitar and vocals.

Ended this experience, the band take the name of  Destroy All Gondolas and compose a dozen original songs, recorded in two different sessions in 2013, the first at the “Brick Studio” in Mirano (Venice) still unpublished, and a second at the “Outside Inside Studio” of Montebelluna (TV) produced by Nene Baratto, that was self-released as a cassette “Blast Tape”, later reissued as a 7’’ by Kornalcielo and Sailor Overdrive Records in 2014. Graphics and artwork are by Il Lama, independent design studio that conceive the whole visual part the band.

Follow several concerts in Italy and Berlin sharing the stage with Hobos, Santa Banana, Oozing Wound, Hallelujah !, Eu’s Arse, to name a few cool bands. In 2016 they made a tour in Italy with Napoli punks Motosega, and shortly after they recorded their first LP “Laguna di Satana” at La Distilleria in Bassano del Grappa with Maurizio “Icio” Baggio at the mixing desk, released in 300 copies in May 2017 on MacinaDischi.

Insto-surf pushed to the limit of a frantic black-thrash metal aural assault, “Laguna Di Satana” is a weird garage-punk tale evoking post-apocalyptic, exotic landscapes, often trespassing the wall of sound of hardcore with sporadic bitterly ironic shouted lyrics both in english and italian. In the twisted minds of Destroy All Gondolas references goes from Link Wray to Black Sabbath to Mayhem to Johnny Thunders. “Laguna Di Satana” is out on vinyl in May 2017 for MacinaDischi in coproduction with Sonatine Produzioni, Death Crush Distro, Crampi Records and Shyrec.

An Italian tour in December 2017/January 2018 is followed by a West Coast USA tour in April 2018 shared with Gutara Kyo from Japan, where the bands play 15 shows in 21 days and take part at the Debauch-A-Reno Fest with The Mummies, Oblivians, The Spits, etc.

Back in Italy the band take a few months break from the live shows, while working on a new album. In the meantime “Laguna Di Satana” (sold out) is repressed by MacinaDischi on white vinyl and a different black cover.

DAG are back on the road with Roger (La Piovra & countless other bands) on the drums for a handful of weekends in March / April 2019 and in few summer festivals

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